Friday, January 9, 2009


I know its late - but I am only 4 weeks from my due date - and am laying down a lot.
Here is an action shot Christmas morning - after Neil and his family came over. (They flew in and drove 3 hours the night before - so they were not up early like us.)
Braxton and Merrick opening their stockings Christmas night (we forgot them with all the family here - so we did it in the room with just Merrill and I and the boys)
Jenn's kids and my kids - - Like I said, Neil and his family were sleeping in because of the late arrival.
I dont think we have even taken any pictures since the family left. We went to California the day we took Merrill's parents to the airport - for the 4 day weekend - and Annie came back with us - so she will be here till the baby comes. I hope its sooner then later! I feel so big (even though I dont look it) I cant bend over to tie my shoes. This baby is staying close to my insides and not popping out - yet. I hope sooner then later - because I am due Feb 9 - and the packers are coming the 17th. Wont that be fun?! We will be at a hotel till the 19th or 20th when we get to DRIVE to California. (Me and the kids - Merrill will be driving to Alabama) Gotta love the Army.


Anonymous said...

You're the perfect soldier's wife...tough as nails, and completely capable.

hayley said...

I don't know how you do it! You must dejunk all your stuff a lot moving so much:) Hang in there and keep us posted, I can't wait to see little walker girl!!