Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Weekend at Resort Larson

My Aunt Kim and Uncle Glenn have a great house for us to go visit. And it is only 3 hours away. We went up this weekend and spent time with the family and swimming. It was a great weekend! It made me really like Sierra Vista - it is about 20 degrees cooler then in Mesa.
The boys LOVE the pool. There is a shallow part with 3 water things that squirt up - Braxton calls it "My area"....."Can we go over to my area now?"

(Braxton in his "area") My mom came out for the trip (on her way to Idaho for a 30-year Class Reunion) and we got to eat at some places that we don't have here in Sierra Vista - Olive Garden, and Cafe Rio. I got to go see a movie with my mom, Kimmy, and Logan - Batman! - so good.

(Here is my mom watching the grand-kids in the tunnel fountain) She also watched the boys so Merrill and I could go on a date. (Our first since we have moved) We went to the Scottsdale Culinary Institutes's student restaurant - and it was so good! We got some of everything - Trio of soup, Capitol Steak Cesar Salad, Fresh Mozzarella Pesto and Dried Tomato Pizza, Merrill got the BEST New York Strip Steak with a yummy sauce and diced potatoes, and I got a Spinach/Cheese ball thing in a Tomato sauce. Loved it!

We also got to see Logan's new "Lawn-mowing" hat. He is still working it out - as you can see from the soda on his shirt!


NoLessThanJess said...

Hey Missy-
Will you email me? Its I guess I just have your old email.

Thanks- Jess

Ellie said...

That pool is AWESOME!

Mrs.EBG said...

Brat, I live in Mesa and you didn't even call? How sad! You better come visit me sometime!! :)

schweenster said...

Ohhhh sooo FUN!! That looks like an awesome pool!! I want to go swimming!-Marin

JakeTheSnake said...

And you didnt even say you missed your cousin Jake :( Poor Braxton had noone to help him dive to the bottom of the pool!

I'm excited to see your little family next week.