Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Paul and Braxton --------------------------------Annie and my mom Ring barer Braxton ----------------------------------------The new happy Ryan and Jesseca

Braxton on the way home from the wedding
We have been in California for the last week. Got back Sunday night after a long 8 hour drive - BY MYSELF! I know - I'm amazing. Braxton was the ring barer in my cousins wedding. It was too funny to watch him walk up with the rings and stand there while Ryan's brother tried to get them un-tied (I had done a double knot so they wouldn't get lost). If you are wondering about the shirt being un-tucked.....I tried to tuck it, but Ryan stopped me - "it looks awesome!" So it got left how Braxton (and Ryan) wanted it.
We were there a week - so you know we did other stuff, but I don't really want to go in to it. Just know we had a good time - went to the beach and the farmers market and a GREAT Thai place.(Thank you Craig!)
It was a good week, but we are glad to be home and back to our schedule.


Heather said...

You are amazing, there's no way I'd take on an 8-hour drive be myself! Isn't that exciting that Hayley and you and me are all having babies together again. I guess we're on the same schedule, I'm just one behind you guys and the wrong gender so far :)

Marin said...

How fun! I love weddings! Annie and your mom are identical twins! Sooo cute! Braxton looks so serious with that ring pillow.

NoLessThanJess said...

Braxton looks like he is on a mission! "No one can stop me from delivering these rings!" Too funny. It was great to see you guys and you did an AMAZING job singing. Will you email me any pictures that you took at the wedding? We won't get ours from the photographer for a few weeks.