Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday Night Activity

While Merrill got started reading his 500 pages for the weekend (on Saturday night - smart right?)

we got to catch Grass Hoppers. They are EVERYWHERE! You can walk across the grass and its like it is raining grasshoppers from the ground. I am so glad we have grass - even if it only lasts a little while.

The boys were a little nervous at first - but got used to it and would touch them. I think Braxton broke a leg or two - he was so brave. At one point I had them some inside to eat dinner and Braxton ate and then told me he was ready to go out and play with "Mine creature". Merrick would yell at them, "I got it!" when ever he got one in his bucket (water bottle cut in half)

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Theresa said...

Your grass looks so good. Our's isn't even that green and it is 66 degrees on August 10th! Thanks for Sean's birthday card. He loved it!