Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coronado Hike

I know this is old news - but Merrick is sleeping, and Merrill is with Braxton at a craft thing for an hour.
A little while ago we went to the Coronado National Memorial - about 20 minutes away from our house. Got there and it was a big drive up a big mountain to look over at Mexico, our beloved neighbor to the south. When we got there we found out that there was a living cave that you could go in - if you brought your own flashlights. We did not - but if we go again - we will be sure to do just that.
We went on the hike to the top - almost. It was cloudy a ways off, but we thought it wouldn't get to us....we were wrong. Almost to the top -it started to POUR on us. We had to each hold a kid and run down the hill (almost a half mile!! wow right?) We had been planning on going to lunch on the way home, but we didn't. We had to strip the boys down to diaper/undaroos, go home, shower (to get warm) and get new, dry clothes on. THEN go to lunch. It may sound like it was a bad day - but it will always be a good memory - it was all just too funny.
(See the clouds behind me - how dumb are we?)

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