Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Friends

So we have some new friends. Blake is in Merrill's class, and he and his wife have 3 kids. A boy Braxton's age, and twins, a boy and girl Merrick's age - like 4 days older. Braxton and Logan are going to be in pre-school together starting Monday - you can guess how excited we all are (Me the most!) And Merrick, Chase, and Regan are going to get some time without the big brothers around to tease them. I watched the twins yesterday - and they all had a great time! Braxton was the only naughty one...and in a 2 hour time-period there was only one scream! The little ones were so funny - they went and got in Braxtons bed (A queen - isn't he lucky?!) and pretended to be sleeping. I am so glad we dot some new friends that like to hang out as much as we do!

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