Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ahhh Yes! The Stool Sample

Let me start by saying, "Having kids is great."
Braxton is in Pre-school from 9-12 MWF. So I try and get Merrick in the hourly care at the same times so I have a few hours to get either beading in, or - with Christmas coming - shopping/present wrapping done. It is normally a good thing. But now and then they both get sick.....with the same thing. This weekend it was wicked diarreah. Taking them to the Dr. is not something I would do for this, but we had a follow up apt. from when they had Croup last month. So, since we were there, I mentioned - "They have had diarreah since Friday"
Dr. - "Oh - Friday?! Lets get a stool sample so we can make sure its not anything serious."
I like our Doctor - she is very thorough. But really? A stool sample?!
What does that mean I have to do?
So - we went to the LAB and got 2 little jars (one for each boy) and were sent home to wait. When the time came - Merrill was there for Braxton with a little cup - all ready to catch the pay load. I am glad he didn't barf all over it......because then we would have had to try again...tomorrow. Merrick was easier - just had to scoop it out of the diaper.
Like I said - "Having kids is great"
But let me finish by saying - "Having Merrill there to do the DIRTY work is Best!"
(This is not OUR stool sample - I found the picture on the Internet. If you want - comment - and I will take a picture of Braxton's and post it later...but only if you are really really lucky!)


Anonymous said...

So now we all know the secret to your wicked delicious cookies! TM

hayley said...

hope it all clears up soon! that picture sample is nasty enough, i am good. Luke was wiping himself, but has now been requesting help, so i am getting plenty of action in the number 2 scene.

Theresa said...

I don't know what is worse. Having the runs or having to clean them up!

Team Nydegger said...

NICE picture!