Saturday, December 13, 2008


After a few weeks of talking about it (Since we got back from Thanksgiving at my family's house) Merrill and the boys got the lights up today. And it was CRAZY windy! Merrill had to climb up on the roof because our ladder wasn't long enough for the area over the garage. I'm glad he didn't get blown off. The boys are showing the little clips that we used to hook the lights on the the house cant use nails here because it is military housing - gotta keep it nice for the next family.
And on another note - I got to bead on Friday since both boys were at 'school'. I don't know if it was worth it though, they both came home with wicked diarriah. But this is what I made:
PS - I won the bet. I thought 5 Nutter Butters was an OK amount for a treat....Merrill thought that was a lot....but according to my friends and readers, 7 or more is a lot. So he owes me a "Hot Date" (as Braxton says)


hayley said...

I like the turquoise and orange

Marin said...

They look sooo cute! It does look cold out there!! Cute beads! Love the colors!