Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

If you didn't know, we drove to Escondido this past weekend for last trip till I have the baby! My mom always gets everyone matching shirts - this year it was for Thanksgiving - and Annie was the the only one not there... =*(
The boys got to make out with Ren and Jessica's dogs - sick.
Jessica and I decorated sugar cookies with the boys in our matching shirts.
Walked on the Pier in Oceanside - notice that Merrill was nice enough to let Merrick lick the fish guts and bird poo off the rail of the pier.
My mom and dad - They are in LOVE!


Marin said...

Looks sooo fun! Wish we could have joined you all at the beach! Those sugar cookies look sooo yummy! I love the matching purple shirts! Cute, CUTE!!!

hayley said...

I love how Braxton is closing his eyes as he kisses the dog:) Luke got Braxton's christmas card in the mail yesterday, very cute! He was very possessive of it when cohen tried to take a peek. He also started crying when cohen crinkled the envelope. He had will fix it.