Saturday, September 13, 2008

Biggest Bug Ever

So we were outside with the boys tonight - and I saw something on the fence....not a bird....but something. I went to check it out and it was a HUGE Grasshopper! I'm talking like 4 inches long! We caught it and had a little fun with it - Braxton did take a stomp at it, but we were on the grass and it didn't do any damage - then we let it go. I have never seen one that big before. When it would jump the wings had red or pink under them - but I didn't get a picture - it was so fast! As far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better - the colors are so much more defined and amazing.


Ellie said...

Sweet! I'll be the first to know.

Mrs.EBG said...

That's awesome I bet your boys loved it! We have a lot of really big crickets in my area and they somehow get into my house and Giovanni tries to keep them as pets... even after they die. It's lovely! lol