Saturday, September 6, 2008

Odd things in Sierra Vista

Both of these are true. I saw them both with my own eyes.
The first one: The lady in church who wears orange earplugs in Sacrament Meeting.
I can see why - she sits in the back with all the families with kids - so I
guess the earplugs block the sound of screaming kids, but the
speaker's message gets through.
The second one:
Imagine if you can, driving down and 6 lane road - 3 lanes going each way.
There is a turn lane in the middle, for left turns, with no signal.
Standing in the middle of the road you see 3 people. All over weight by more then a little.
The first in standing there waiting to catch his breath from the big walk
across 3 lanes of traffic, and waiting for the cars to clear.
The second is in a motorized cart.
And the third is walking with a blind man's cane.
Why are they in the middle of this 6 lane highway trying to jaywalk?!?!?
Did they think this was a good idea?


Lisa said...

I'm sorry you saw weird things in my home state...I promise we're not all that strange :). When I first looked at your blog, I thought the earplugs were some strange form of gigantic twinkies.

hayley said...

I am glad you are staying entertained:)

Grace said...

Yea, we have weird things in New York too. My favorite is the seriously obese people in their motorized wheel chairs driving around town in the middle of a blizzard!