Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have finished the Twilight series. And I loved it! Starting on Friday - and finished today (Wed) at about 3:00. Thank you Merrill for watching the boys. and feeding them and doing the laundry and cleaning the house!
I cant wait for the movie - even though the could have found someone better - more hot maybe - (we will see after the movie is out) for Edward.
Here are some pictures of the boys Sunday in their church clothes...I think they are too cute.
We had to get Braxton a suite for Jessie's wedding - so we got one for Merrick too....who could pass up a $15 outfit - complete with tie and vest?!
And our humming bird feeder - They are everywhere! They fight over it every day. Merrick will start yelling "umming bir" and we will look out - and sure enough - there is a bird getting a drink....they love it!


Ellie said...

WERE did you get those suits?! I am dying.

We're moving Sat! Yeah for us.

Lisa said...

Wow! You're amazing. I'm still working on the fourth book and have been for a few days. You're crazy. However, those suits are adorable. Very handsome. Miss you all!

Brynley said...

I love the little boys outfits. It makes me want to get one for sam. They look so dashing.

hayley said...

Sweet suit!

Just be...... said...

Your boys are getting sooo big!! Found your blog through Leanna's. We won't make it to Jakes wedding. Can't wait to see pictures.
Good luck with baby #3!!