Friday, September 5, 2008


I feel a little bad that I have told Natalie to read the books - I hope she doesn't let it take over her life like I did for a week. But on the other hand - I am so glad I waited to read them till they were all out - It would have driven me bonkers to wait for the next one and the next one and the next one....I would have been one of those people I make fun of - going to Barns and Nobel at midnight waiting for the release of the Breaking Dawn.....Thank goodness I didn't have to do that!

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JakeTheSnake said...

So when we left on the honeymoon Lindsey didn't have a book. I thought, hey, Mik liked these books I'll buy Lindsey the first one. Well, needless to say, Lindsey feels that she IS Bella and that I make a pretty good Edward (minus the white, pale skin. I am actually a better warewolf with tan and hot skin).

Well, she devoured the first one. When we drove to Chitza Nitza she read to me for about three hours so I became interesed. Then I had a coke with Dinner... and stayed up til two to finish the book!

The next day we drove all over Cancun, using my limited Spanish, to find the second one. And we DID! In Spanish! Then we found all three in English! Except the second book, which we needed! Then we finnaly found it. She had it finished before we got back to Texas. Crazy!

But I'm a sucker... I bought her the third one last night :)