Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Cake!

I made Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Reese's for Merrill's b-day. Merrick got sick on Friday night (barfed when we picked him up from the babysitters...nice of him to wait for us to get there!) so we didn't get cake till Saturday (On MY Birthday!)
Then Braxton got sick.
Long story short - Merrill had to take EVERYTHING off the bed (the first place Braxton puked) and wash it - even had to take the mattress off and get the box spring cleaned. I was at a R.S. thing - but came home to help.
After 12 loads of laundry and lots of yellow bile - we have been barf free for about 3 hours. Yeah! Lets hope it stays that way!
P.S. Merrill said that Cheesecake is not so good smelling when it comes back up.


Ellie said...


hayley said...

Oh, that is so sad:( Looks like a yummy cake regardless. The barfing is so hard when they are little because its so hard to catch in a bucket. Hope you guys are doing better and Happy Birthday again to all:)

justin said...

awww sooo sad :( I hate throwing up. That stinks to throw up something you love b/c then you dont love it so much! Happy Birthday! I totally had your birthday on my calendar but forgot to tell you!! Just know that we were thinking of you! Love you guys- Marin and Justin and CARDEN!!!