Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Merrick!

Merrick is 2 today - we had a little present opening party with just us
(due to the sickness of everyone but me)
in bed this morning. He got a few fun toys - the Elefun! was the favorite next to the pack of cherry Tik-Taks and Optimash Prime Mr. Potato Head.
He and Braxton got Superman Jammies with capes (I know you are jelous Jake, but then didnt have your size) and I think they might ware them all day long since we are not going to pre-school or anywhere else. Merrick's are a little big - I have to roll the pants - and they keep slipping down, but oh well.
As far as Merrick understanding that you are supposed to CATCH the butterflys as the shoot out, he isnt quite there yet. He just stands there with his net out hopping maybe one will drop in.


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday all you Walkers. Sorry you spent the birthday marathon throwing-up! My kids love that Elephun game. Braxton and Merrick look so big! I can't wait to hang with them at Christmas and get to know them better.
p.s. Your furniture in your room is pretty. Is that a sleigh bed?

NoLessThanJess said...

Merrick is 2 already! I bet he misses me since I was there when he was born. Give both the boys a hug and kiss for me!

JakeTheSnake said...

So I was at WalMart last night and i was looking all over for the spiderman tank top that Braxton had when you guys came to town. I did find a spiderman T-shirt in boys XXL but it wasnt as cool. But there is hope! Thanks to childhood obesity! Lots of cute pics Mik. Love ya