Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Savannah - Last

Saturday night we met up with Sean and his family one more time for dinner at D&B Burgers - a local place where you can get a 1/4 lb burger all the was up to a 3 lb. burger, and fix it up with what ever you could ever want on it. Got a picture of Merrill and Sean - so we have proof that they saw each other. Keep in mind it has been about 6 years since they saw each other last.
Some really big steps.
Sunday before doing the drive home, we walked around downtown Savannah. So cool. There are lots of blocks that are just mini parks - Squares. And each one is named for someone in history. Saw the big cemetery and tried to explain to the boys that we don't run and yell - people are buried here! but they didn't get it.
Gotta see the Paula Deen place - The Lady and Sons!
(we didnt eat there, just got a shirt)
Maddie with Sophie at the hotel (this is 2/3 of the girl cousins!)


Theresa said...

I saw the Paula Dean bag in your hand in one of the first pics and that is just so cool. One of our first trips we take when we get to GA is going to have to be Savannah. Looks awesome!

Kierstin said...

What a cool trip! Thanks for sharing all the photos and commentary. Your family is always doing something cool. We need to plan a fun trip like that.

Anonymous said...

Okay those are cute and I am really jealous of that fun yellow purse you got. Wish I could hold Sophie! I am excited to see you guys again!!! Love you!

Marin said...

Ooo Makenna love the yEllOW Bag!!! Looks like you guys had a great time!!