Thursday, May 14, 2009

Montgomery Zoo

I know I'm slow - but here is what we did almost a week ago....the Montgomery Zoo. They were having their "Mayfest", a fund raiser for a MAGNET school up there. (Its like a high school - but all performing arts) All the students from the different departments had games they were in charge of and we bought tickets (5 for a $1) and they got a prize each time. A good day to go - because the zoo wasn't that big, and this added time that we spent in the zoo, so for the hour drive - worth the trip.
White Tiger and Elephants
Face Painting
Braxton loves Zebras, just not creepy men dressed us as one.
The ride home
All the crap that $6 could get you.
Note - the whoopee cushion popped after the 1st use....thank you Merrill.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the boys looking at each others face painting! Reminds me of Natalie and Annie waking up on April Fools Day and staring at each other as their brains slowly turned on - "You have marker all over your face!"

Anonymous said...

Those are cute. we were not aware that we had anything on our face
maybe i will try that on some roommates!