Saturday, May 16, 2009


As you all know - My mom quilts like an amazing Quilting-Goddess. She teaches at Fat Quarters Quilt Shop and gets paid by every person, every week. If they are there or not - they want to hold their spot! She has done this since I was in middle school and all through high school - I met my best friend Sarah because her mom was in my moms class all those years ago (feeling old anyone? ha ha)
Anyways - Since she is my mom, and she likes me - I get her all to myself - as my own personal quilt teacher. I have made lots of quilts for my kids (So has she, but this isn't her blog) and now that I have a girl - I have picked some cute girlie stuff!
And I get to make whatever I want with the best woman there to help me. Dana Livingston! Doing my cutting when I get board of the monotony, ironing my pieces and giving them back to me in an all-in-order, neat stack and all I have to do is sit there and pump them through the machine while and get tunnel vision. Then she will get it all hooked up how it should go on her wooden quilting machine, with batting and backing and top where they belong and I will stand there and quilt "My Quilt"while she watches my 3 kids. Then I can say, "I made a quilt for Sophie!".......I love my mom.
Note: Even after all the hard work I put in to
making quilts for my children - Ask them who made the quilts
we have, and they will ALWAYS say
that Grammie made them.


Marin said...

sooo fun!! Those are SUCH cute patterns!!! I can't wait to see the finished products!!! Aunt Dana is amazing!!! I think it would be cool to quilt or be a really good making clothes!! I need to develop more talents!!! hee hee!

hayley said...

Yeah, I must admit I am a little jealous you have so many cool quilts:) I bought a quilt for my bed after we stayed with you in HI because I liked sleeping with a soft comfy quilt so much. I was so excited when I got a quilt from your mom for Luke! Too bad it got in a white load and got some bleach, oops, all the colors got faded. But at least it has gotten good use like she wanted and never been hung on the wall. I LOVE the quilt she did for Carden. I can't wait to see Sophies, those fabrics are SO CUTE!

Lisa said...

I LOVE those patterns you chose. I'm sure the quilt will be super cute since I've seen the other quilts you and your mom have made. My mom is an awesome quilter, but I am too intimidated to attempt one myself. Way to go!!

galeg said...

This is the best friend Sarah's Mom writing to say that your Mom is a fantastic quilter and teacher...I'm even going Quilt Camping with the Quilt Goddess in June. I can't wait (I hope to earn a couple of Sewing-a-straight-line and Getting-along-with-other-quilters Merit Badges there)! By the way, I love your color choices!

Sarah Kenworth said...

Hey it's Sarah! Thank you for making me feel oooold! haha! I have great memories of quilting class...meeting you, fat quarters in the attic...but then again my fondest hs memories are of you and I doing random things.

Brynley said...

i love your mom's quilts!!!! Your fabric looks way cute. YOu are lucky you don't have to pay your mom.

Raadgep Fam said...

you are very lucky to have amom that quilts! SH eis very talented. i remember babysitting your younger sibling and playing hide and seek, that room was always off limits. wow Im old!