Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey Blinkin!

On Thursday we went to see where Abraham Lincoln was born....just a little drive from where Merrill's parents live. All this time we have been married, and never gone here to see the awesome "Sinking Spring". I loved it - and I want one in my yard someday. You walk down some cool stairs and hear the water, then it gets colder, and then you see the water. It is some sort of natural formation of underground rivers, and they pop up here and there....i just loved it.
In the building there is a replica of the log-cabin that Abe was born in and lived till he was 2. There are 16 everything - windows, poles around the house, etc. - to remind us that he was the 16Th President of the United States. There are also 56 steps to the building, representing the age at which he died. Aha the symbolism.

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