Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grandma and Papa's house

So I didn't know - but my in-laws got high speed Internet - So I have a few pictures to share with you all, my faithful followers. We ended up driving all the way on Tuesday, and when we got to the house it was still light! (It stays light till 9:30!) Sophie got to go for her first 4-wheeler ride with papa! Laurie wasn't home from work, or this would not have been allowed.
We went to the Tank Museum on Wednesday, and the boys had a good time walking around checking out all the tanks - too bad you cant climb on them, there were red signs all over - "DO NOT CLIMB ON TANKS" - but we still had a good time. There were things the boys could climb on - and pretend they were driving a tank,
and dress up like they were in the Army.
When we were all done we got our funny money (smashed pennies - put in 50 cents and a penny, and you get a coin with a cool picture on it - both the boys picked the tank) and then went to see Laurie at work.

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sarah Kenworth said...

the pictures of the army guy that Braxton and Merrick are dressing as is HUGE!!!