Tuesday, October 7, 2008


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No news yet on the baby - I have the ultrasound tomorrow. It was scheduled for last month when I was 19 weeks. I didn't get a "Prep sheet" and didn't drink enough water. 1 Gallon!? Are they kidding? And the Tech lady said she liked to wait till you are 22 weeks along. She shot a few pictures - and I left them in California at Tanner's house in all the wedding commotion. For those of you who don't know - Fort Huachuca is lame. They had someone sue because they were told the wrong sex. So they will not tell. They will take a picture, and you can go online and do some research to figure it out yourself. From the one strange picture she took - that wasn't a face - I am guessing a girl. I hope she will take another one tomorrow - so I can make sure. I know what boys look like - Braxton and Merrick were very proud of their junk. This picture didn't look a thing like them . . . so that is why I am thinking a girl. Also - Hayley is having a girl - and since we have the 2 boys that are days apart and a few months apart - I think we will keep with the matching-matching. I will post the pictures tomorrow afternoon.


hayley said...

Good luck with that gallon??? I hope its a girl:) I will tell will to have his friends at work to double check the anatomy:)

Marin said...

YEAAAHhhh I hope you have a girl! Sooo fun! That is neat you, hayley, and brynley are having babies so close! ANd that is sooo dumb about not letting you know the sex!!