Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad Mom Stuff

We just finished eating - it is almost 7 AM.
I got the boys cleaned off and Merrick wants to go out side.
I let him. Then I see why. His favorite snack.
There is a small can of olives from yesterday sitting on the patio.
The contents all dried up and nasty. He is eating them.
Do I run out in my jammies (letting the neighbors see me in my G's) to stop him?
No - there are only a few left. It will help build his immunities and make him tough.

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Mrs.EBG said...

Don't worry... we all do "bad mom stuff" just we don't blog about it because we don't want anyone to know! :)
But to make you feel better, I fed my kids dinner at 8pm the other night and told them to go to bed right after! lol.