Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Many of you know that Braxton is the worst eater ever. He has to be coxed into eating dinner every night.....and pasta is the worst. We don't really even try for the veggies half the time. The only fruit he likes are pineapple and apples (well, NOW he likes apples - thanks to Capt. Carlos)
On Sunday we had a roast. You know - meat, potatoes, and carrots all cooked together while you are at church, so you can come home and not have to do a thing but set the table and get a drink on. Well, Braxton has decided that THOSE carrots are good. And he can eat them because they are good for his eyes.
Yesterday at pre-school they had carrots with their lunch (its great - they feed them at school!) but he didn't like them. I am guessing they were just steamed - not any love put in to them.
So then this morning we are eating our pancakes and sausage and he looks at me and says,
"Mom, you make me good carrots,
but my teachers don't make good carrots.
me so you make good carrots for me!"


Theresa said...

Okay, I think my kids may be in a running for pickiest eater. What is your recipe for your roast? I'll give anything a try. Last night Sean finally decided he likes broccoli!

hayley said...

Yeah, braxton you are right, your mommy does make good carrots! I forgot to tell you I found huli-huli sauce at food 4 less and was so excited! Now if we just had the yummy sweet rice:)

Marin said...

Aw that is so cute!! You do make yummy carrots and yummy cheese cake!!! mmmmmm I need a cheese cake!! hee hee!