Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Projects

Now that Braxton is only in preschool M-W-F, I feel the need to do
things with him to make the day more fun with mom at home.
Today we went to Wal*Mart and got a lot of craft things.
I even had to re-organize the closet with all the craft stuff in our house.
Here we are making some pumpkin and candy corn foam things.....we tied string to the bottom and top and hung a bell from one end and hung them up outside.
Then after dinner we roasted "mash-mallows" over a candle.

The boys think I'm great. It must be true.


JakeTheSnake said...

You're boys are too darn cute. I like how Merrill is smoking a burnt match in the background of the fourth picture!

hayley said...

I think you're great too! Can you come be mom over here?? Luke got really excited about the marshmallow roasting. I told him we had to go buy some marshmallows if we wanted to do it, and he said we needed to buy some fire too:)

Brynley said...

great crafts. Any ideas to what to do with SAM at 14 months. I run out of ideas. We go to the library lots for music and story time.