Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Las Vegas Get Away

So a few weeks ago Merrick was getting up at 4:30. This happened like 4 days in a row - and I was going crazy (like anyone would). It all happened because I thought he was ready for the 'toddler bed' - so I took off the side of his crib, and that was a bad idea.

We put the side back on and got the radio alarm that I grew up with and put that in his room. He was in bed till the radio went on at 5:30 the first morning, and then 6:00 the next morning.
Now this is all taken care of - but at the time I was really frazzled. So much so - that Merrill said we should take a trip just the 2 of us. I started crying......we have never taken a trip with out the kids. I think the last time we were just the 2 of us on a airplane was Thanksgiving when I was pregnant with Braxton. So we called my mom - she flew out and we did Las Vegas.
We stayed at the Trump, and it was nice because there is just the hotel - no smoking and no casino. And there was a jet-tub the size of a queen bed in the bathroom! It was great!
We ate at Bobby Flaye's Mesa Grill......VERY GOOD!
And we went and saw the show Mystere at Treasure Island. (An added bonus was that the tickets were half price since we are in the instead of $180 - it was only $85 for the both of us!)
We also ate at the Wynn Buffet for breakfast....(#2 on the Top 10 List of Best In Vegas) Merrill had a lot of prime rid that was sooo good!
Merrick and Braxton had a great time too! They didn't have to listen to me or Merrill from Friday to Sunday. My mom let them ware when they wanted, play and watch T.V. and took them to every fast food place in Sierra Vista! You can only guess how mad Braxton was when I started to cook dinner on Sunday night........It was back to the old wine and complain till we are all mad and yelling at him to eat his dinner.
Trips are so fun! I recommend them to all my pregnant friends/cousins who have someone to watch the kids they already have. Even if its just a night away in a hotel.


Anonymous said...

I know you had fun, but I may have had even more fun! I loved it - thanks...TM

Marin said...

ohhhhhhhh WOW I am SOOO jealous!! I want to go stay somewhere where the TUB is the SIZE of a QUEEN BED!!! ANd I TOTALLY Want to go to BOBY FLAYes Restaurant! I miss the FOOD NETWORK (now that we are poor law students). Well, what a great get away! That sounds so fun!

Heather said...

That sounds awesome!! That's so great that you got to go and that you got to do so many fun things. Paul and I went to Vegas when I was pregnant with Lauryn, but it was in the 1st trimester so I was totally nauseous. All I ate at the buffet was oatmeal.